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 Wedding Ceremonies

Simon Lipschitz conducting an Indiana Jones wedding

Civil  Weddings

I can offer a full range of marriage ceremonies and will tailor the ceremony to your style, regardless whether you are traditional, interfaith or an Indiana Jones fan. 

Jewish themed Weddings

I am Jewish myself and know all about the rituals in a Jewish wedding ceremony (but I won't  use any guilt like my mother does to me!) I can also read in Hebrew if desired.  I have a chuppah available for couples free of charge. 

Same Sex Marriage

Woohoo! Equality for all.  The Marriage Act has now changed and I can perform a loving same sex wedding, which is now just the same as a normal civil wedding.  

What's the process?

What's the process?

1. Book in a time to have a cup of tea with me (sorry, I don't drink coffee or beer!)


2. If you think I'm the right fit for you, let's lock in a date.


3. We can meet again to create your perfect script. I have samples to use as a guide and have a booklet full of ideas, but ultimately, it is almost a blank canvas (except for the legislative bits that I have to include)!


4. A rehearsal can also be organised if desired. 


5. The real deal!



How much do I charge?

I believe in transparency so I put my fees on my website. I have a set fee of $950 (plus GST) for a ceremony.  


Extra charges applies for weddings outside of Sydney or if there are any other costs attached.


I provide you with a ceremonial 'Marriage Certificate.' However, If you would like me to order you an official Marriage Certificate in order to change your name or for other legal reasons, then this will cost an extra $60 which will go to the Registry.

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