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About Simon 

Simon's Story



I am a young, modern, friendly guy.  That nice guy next door type who after one meeting, it feels like we've known each other for a life time.  I may even borrow a cup of sugar on occasion.


In 2011, some friends asked me if I could help out with their wedding. Being the good samaritan that I am, I said I would be delighted.  I'd be happy to set up the chairs, hand out the ceremony booklets or even be MC.


My task? To marry the couple.  


I was gobsmacked, honoured and a little overwhelmed. This would involve late night studies, donning a suit and a potential change in my career path. 


What could I say but yes?! 

The good news is, my friends are still happily married. And I am still a marriage celebrant and loving it.


I also happen to be married myself and have been through this wedding drama before, so I can appreciate what you might be going through.


And in case you’re interested, I’ve been trapezing, trekking through Nepal, snowboarding in Canada and I can make great kids' party balloons.  I’m also a social worker and counsellor by profession but my best moments are when I spend time with my beautiful wife and children.

Simon Lipschitz with his daughter and wife
" We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant. Simon was incredibly well-prepared and guided us through the process like a pro. And on the day, it was an absolute joy to have him conduct the ceremony. His humour, warmth, pacing and clear, kind words added a really special touch to a very special day. I felt like our best friend was marrying us!"
- Genevieve and Rowan

"Simon is engaging, funny and inclusive. He built with us a ceremony that was uniquely US. There were no limits on our creativity, and with gentle and patient guidance on what works, what could work and what we need to think about- we created a ceremony that we will never forget. We would warmly recommend Simon as a celebrant- his warmth and calm just make everything that much more enjoyable!"


- Angela and Zahi

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