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How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

Every bride dreams of picture-perfect wedding with timeless photographs that will serve as mementos in the future. Hence, every wedding requires thorough planning. No matter where the wedding date falls on the calendar, there are a lot of considerations when planning such a big day. But if it happens to be amid a pandemic, it will be extra challenging as every step becomes more difficult in these trying times.

The Coronavirus Pandemic 2019 (COVID-19), without a doubt, has changed the way we live. The implementation of physical distancing measures has modified the way we interact. You might find it difficult to comprehend that the air that was supposedly surrounded by love is threatened by an invisible enemy. However, this should not keep you from making the most of what you have for what is meant to be one of the best days of your life. After all, love conquers all.

Whether you just started planning your wedding or have had it postponed, you might be wrestling between grieving the loss of what you originally imagined it to be and focusing on organizing per se. Allow us to give you some tips on preparing for a wedding amid COVID-19, so that it may feel like a walk in a park!

1. Be prepared for heaps of changes

With everyone’s safety as the highest priority, try your best to be mentally and emotionally flexible in planning everything--from your wedding date, venue, guests, logistics, dynamics, and budget. Consider all of your options while maintaining a mindset that difficulties are typical at the present. If you are postponing your wedding, you might want to inform everyone immediately of the changes. If you originally planned an indoor wedding, it might be wise to consider having an outdoor one to lessen the risk of transmission. It is also helpful to limit the seating capacity per table and to seat people with their household members.

2. Stay updated

Keep up with your local news. According to the New South Wales government, outdoor weddings or those that will be held in residential and worship areas must have only 150 guests or less. It is strictly expected that there is a minimum of 4 square meters of space between individuals within a premise. Moreover, there are restrictions on close-contact activities, as well as those that potentiate viral transmissions, such as dancing, mingling, and singing. Make sure to follow these.

3. Communicate with your partner

If there is one person who will always be by your side in navigating the ever-evolving scenario that surrounds us, it is your fiance. Especially so, for your wedding planning. It is crucial to communicate non-negotiables as honestly as possible to establish priorities and make solution-oriented decisions. Re-imagine your dream nuptial and keep each other informed of the daily decisions and changes.

4. Keep everyone in the loop

There is a big chance that you have to downscale your guest list. While some people might find relief in not having to turn down an invitation, those who are willing to attend your big day may have an opposite response. Hence, it is important to approach them as gracefully as you can. The best way to do so is to give your folks an emotional buffer and the opportunity to empathize with you. Let them know that you have weighed and considered the best possible options you have. When it comes to your confirmed guests, communicate with them weekly with regards to changes as well as in keeping track of their health.

5. Conduct remote business with your vendors

Consulting with your wedding organizer, cater, florist, and photographer virtually as much as possible is the best for all parties. Use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts! If your wedding venue provider and wedding gown designer conducts virtual tours and offers try-ons at home, respectively, take advantage of those opportunities. If you are looking for a civil wedding celebrant in the Sydney area, get in touch!

6. Consider guests needs

You have the option to minimize the crowding of guests by planning their staggered arrivals and departures. Brief them of the safety precautions to be followed. It is best to provide a guide along with your invitations. Designating seats and placing distanced markings on the floor are beneficial. These will make following the physical distancing measures easier for everyone. Moreover, guests will surely appreciate it if you will treat them with personal protective supplies such as hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes. You can also provide them with personalized face masks, which can be a part of your wedding favors!

Planning a wedding, whether in a pandemic or not, can be stressful at times. It becomes exciting when you take a futuristic perspective. Take inspiration from the magnificent maternity and newborn shots by Chapter One Photography. You will surely get back to planning in no time!

Guest blog courtesy of Wendy at Chapter One photography


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