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Cost-Effective Easy Ways to Prep Any Home for a Wedding

In the days leading up to your wedding, you no doubt will have a million tasks to complete. From final fittings to guest lists, you’ll have a lot on your plate, so be sure to prepare your home well ahead of time. Whether your home will be used as lodging, a gathering space, or for your wedding, here are some suggestions for creating a welcoming, warm space for your loved ones and friends:

Perk Up Your Outdoor Spaces

These days, it’s so easy and affordable to host your wedding festivities in your own backyard. Many couples even opt to hire an experienced marriage celebrant, like Simon from Simon Says I Do, to perform their ceremony at home. You can rent some chairs, find inexpensive flowers and transform your backyard into a welcoming wedding space for your big day.

If you are thinking of having your wedding at home, or any other celebrations, you should think about building an arbor or pergola, to really give your yard a special touch. Professionally built trellises cost between $400-$900 for materials and labor. Prefab models are more affordable and range from $10-$100, so be sure to choose an option that works for your wedding budget. You can add so much style and beauty by using your pergola as a place for relaxation, shade and beauty in your home’s garden.

Create Comfy Spaces for Guests

If your wedding celebration includes hosting friends and family members in your home, you will want to keep everyone stress-free and comfy. Make sure you give your home a good, deep cleaning to get rid of dust, allergens and dirt that could irritate guest allergies. You may find yourself cleaning your floors quite a bit as people walk in and out of your home. To save some time and help keep your own stress levels down, think about picking up a robot vacuum or mop to keep things clean with minimal effort.

With everything clean, you will want to move onto making your guest areas cozy and inviting for your loved ones. Make up the beds and put out fresh towels for those who will be staying overnight. You can also put together some welcome baskets for an extra special touch. Travel sized toiletries, or even ones you’ve saved from hotel stays, are great items to have on hand for people traveling from out of town. It’s also a good idea to have some fun games and activities planned for the days and evenings that are not already packed with wedding fun.

Stock Your Events, and Kitchen, With Healthy Eats

Food is at the center of most celebrations, and that includes weddings, receptions and pre-celebration gatherings. Having your events catered is a great way to save yourself time and stress of preparing food for festivities yourself. But if caterers just are not in your budget, there are some simple ways to feed your hungry guests. Tacos, pizza, seafood and popcorn are just some of the foods that can be easily set up in self-serve stations. Guests will love getting creative with their plates, and you will love the easy set-up.

If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, beer and wine may be a more budget-friendly option, but you may also choose to serve cocktails. Carefully calculate drink costs and figure out what your budget will allow. Guests who are staying in your home will need to be fed. Pick up some muffins, bread and oats to have on hand for fast breakfasts and find easy meal prep recipes for other meals. You can also look into grocery delivery services to keep items on hand and pick up anything you may have forgotten in the wedding planning chaos.

No matter how your home will be used for your wedding, taking steps to prepare it ahead of time will undoubtedly save you some stress on your big day. From organizing cleaning tasks to taking care of guests, small touches will mean the most and make for happy memories during this beautiful time of celebration and transition.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Guest blogger: Alice Robertson from Tidy Home

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