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A Different Kind of Wedding

I’m all for couples determining the style, theme and tone of their wedding. Dress ups, no problem. Traditional white overflowing dress or the sleek black mini, there are no right or wrong ways to conduct your wedding.

So how about wearing a colander on your head?

In case you haven’t heard, last month saw the first Pastafarian wedding in New Zealand.

What is a Pastafarian?

My daughter with her religious head garb

A Pastafarian is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (CFSM). This religion is legally recognized in New Zealand, Poland and The Netherlands. It started in 2005 as a satire of religion and the story of creation claiming that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is just as plausible a God as the God in other religions. Its dogma is the rejection of dogma. The Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe. Some Pastafarians choose to wear pasta colanders on their head as official head gear. Some celebrate Pastover. Oh, and pirates are the original Pastafarians.

So there’s only ever been one down under, and it was in New Zealand. On a pirate ship to be precise on April 16 2016. A Pastafarian couple decided to tie the knot once the first New Zealand celebrant was ordained. They celebrated by dressing up as pirates, and the bride wore the official colander on her head. Pasta rings were exchanged and the vows included the mention of promising to add salt while boiling spaghetti.

Can I perform Pastafarian weddings?

Officially no. It is not a recognized religion in Australia. Additionally, according to the CFSM, you need to be a registered minister to perform a pastafarian wedding, of which I am not. I am a registered civil celebrant which is different to a religious officiate

. A civil celebrant must say certain things in a wedding like the monitum and have certain rituals such as the vows. A religious officiant does not have to say the monitum and vows, but rather they need to adhere to their religious practices and be registered with their religion.

The good news is, if you do want to wear a colander on your head and exchange pasta rings, I’m all for it!

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